There is a tremendous amount at stake on Tuesday night's game seven and most people think Roberto Luongo has the most pressure and that's likely true. But if there is a close second, it has to be the Sedin twins, both Art Ross trophy winners, one a Hart Trophy winner and the other an almost certain Hart Trophy finalist going in. If the twins were to fail to get out of the first round this year, this would leave them with only two, perhaps three more years in which their window to win a Stanley Cup would be open now that they are both 30. Not many forwards are great after age 33. And while the hockey club certainly wouldn't be moving two outstanding players at a friendly cap hit of $6 million, a complete review of their time here wouldn't be flattering. Consider they were drafted in '99 and have been here 11 season. The investment the team has made in these guys is remarkable and has been from the outset. For fully their first five years here the Sedins were put on every power play when often they had no business being out there. And the fans really suffered through that. And in that time the team thought they would have more success as a team than they did. The twins kept getting better fortunately, but in terms of playoff success over 11 years, the return on investment hasn't been good. If they get it done Tuesday night and the team goes on to make a long run, then this year will certainly look a lot better. And if they win a cup, all the time and money invested in these two will have been well worth it. But if not, the fans will have put up with a lot of grief for very little post season return.