As I survey the draft lottery landscape, looking for the team most deserving of a generational talent like defenseman Rasmus Dahlin, I use the processes of elimination to narrow the field. I don't want to see the Montreal Canadiens win, because no general manager who trades away P.K. Subban deserves to manage another brilliant two-way defenseman. I don't want to see the Ottawa Senators win, because owner Eugene Melnyk would have cover for not paying Erik Karlsson. I don't want the Arizona Coyotes to win, because I wouldn't wish the current state of that franchise on a veteran, let alone a rookie. I don't want to see the Buffalo Sabres win because they have Jack Eichel, nor the Edmonton Oilers win because they have Connor McDavid -- and also because I could go an entire lifetime without seeing Edmonton win the lottery again. That leaves us with a few teams, but the ones with the best current odds are the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings. Of those two, I'd say the Red Wings are the most deserving, which admittedly will come as a shock to anyone who can locate and tabulate Stanley Cup championship banners. Simply put: They're both sort of directionless teams, even if the Canucks' top line shows promise, with some good prospects and GMs who have lost the faith of their respective fan bases. What the Red Wings have that Vancouver doesn't: a new arena that is in desperate need of an attraction like Dahlin. And, with due respect to Alexander Edler and Mattias Ohlund, the Red Wings also have already built a dynasty on the back of the best Swedish defenseman in hockey history. And Nicklas Lidstrom is already a fan of Dahlin, his young countrymate.