As the Redskins’ 2015 regular season wound down, quarterback Kirk Cousins declined to address questions about his hopes and expectations for his next contract. Not so on Sunday. A fourth-year player, Cousins, 27, is due to become a free agent on March 15, able to market his services to any team in the NFL. If the Redskins intend to keep him, they’ll have to come to an agreement on a multi-year contract or, failing that, give him the franchise tag and pay him a one-year salary that is expected to approach $20 million. “I think I want to be where I am wanted,” Cousins said after Sunday’s first-round playoff loss to Green Bay. ” You want to be with people who believe in your and we are going to find out — because we haven’t discussed it much yet — how much I am wanted and where that’ll go.” Cousins will have considerable leverage in contract talks with the Redskins, given that he led the team to a surprise NFC East title and led the league in completion percentage. Moreover, Washington is expected to release third-string quarterback Robert Griffin III, who was relegated to the inactive list for all but one game this season and never played a down.