Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley came off the bench for a third consecutive game Wednesday against Indiana, two nights after he delivered a monstrously efficient 34-point night at Houston. He's in that role because he missed 11 games before that because of a sprained right foot. But bigger picture, do Beasley's scoring proclivities and defensive liabilities make him a perfect candidate for permanent sixth-man duties? Coach Rick Adelman doesn't want to answer that question so soon after Beasley's return, although he said earlier this season that he has discussed that idea with his coaches since he accepted the job in September. Beasley said he has never considered or been interested in such a job, but ... "I'm interested in playing basketball," he said. "If I got to be a sixth man, then I will. If I'm a starter, then I am. Whatever position, whatever role, I will play it to the best of my ability. It's coach's decision. I'm coming off the bench because he told me to. Either way, I'm going to play the same game."