As Zach Miller was taken into surgery that scary October night in New Orleans, the Bears tight end remembers saying one thing. “I just remember telling Doc, ‘Save my leg, please,’ ” Miller said. In his first interview since suffering a severe left leg injury Oct. 29 against the Saints at the Superdome, Miller detailed to Bears play-by-play announcer Jeff Joniak his memories of the play on which he was injured and his recovery since. The Bears posted the video on their Twitter account Friday. Miller said he remembers the pop in his leg, the instinct to hold on to the football as long as he could after making the play in the end zone and then the realization something was terribly wrong. He tore the popliteal artery and needed urgent vascular surgery to save his leg. “I knew it was pretty severe,” Miller said. “But I wasn’t in pain. I was actually calm. When Nate (Breske), our head trainer, got there, I remember looking at him, I was grabbing my facemask, and I told him, I said, ‘My knee is gone, bro.’ I could tell something was different.” Miller expressed appreciation for assistant athletic trainer Sid Dreyer, who took control to get Miller to the closest hospital as quickly as possible. Doctors saved his leg, but he faces a long recovery ahead.