Not long after he was hired as head coach, Matt Eberflus sat down with Harrison Freid, the Bears’ director of research and analysis, to go over head-coaching decisions.

“We must have had 20 sessions talking about end of game, when to throw the challenge flag, when not to, all scenarios that deal with two-minute, end of half, end of game, all of those situations,” Eberflus said Thursday.

Then they split it up situationally and spent hours with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, defensive coordinator Alan Williams and special teams coordinator Richard Hightower.

“We’re coming up with terms of what we want to call situational ball so we know we can just call and rip them out, so when we use the language during the game, it’s code,” Eberflus said. “We know what we’re talking about and know what we’re going do in the situation. That’s just all preparation. It’s about setting it up. It’s about being prepared.”

The preseason is for the coaches, too, a new staff with a first-time offensive play caller and a first-time head coach. Eberflus and his coordinators can gain a lot from Saturday’s game against the Chiefs.

Those coaches will also be focused on evaluating the 90 players — well, the 65 or so who will be playing at Soldier Field.