Did the Chicago Bears inadvertently help Aaron Rodgers return to the Green Bay Packers? With the reigning MVP headed back to Green Bay for at least one more year, multiple analysts, including Trey Wingo and Jonathon Jones of CBS Sports, are saying that may have been the case.

Apparently, when the Bears shipped wide receiver Anthony Miller off to the Houston Texans (a move the team officially announced on July 26), it opened the doors for the Packers to check off one specific box: It may allow former Green Bay wide receiver Randall Cobb return — which is something Rodgers is rumored to want.

If Rodgers did, in fact, make this request — and there have been no signs or acknowledgments from his camp that he has — it seems like an odd wrinkle to add to contract discussions, but it’s been one wild offseason, so who knows? We’ll find out soon enough if there’s much heft to this particular rumor, but Miller could certainly fill the slot receiver role for the Texans if Cobb heads back to Green Bay.