Just before Marc Trestman told reporters that Jay Cutler will be named the Bears starter if he's medically cleared on Wednesday, a report circulated that the Bears will "likely" let Cutler walk in the offseason. Unless, according to Jason Cole of the National Football Post, Cutler is willing to take a "team-friendly deal." Timing is everything. “[The Bears] believe in Trestman after what they've seen from [backup quarterback Josh] McCown," a source told Cole. "Between his system and the two big receivers [Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery], you have a system where a quarterback can flourish. I don't know if McCown is going to be the starter [next season], but I think the team would be fine letting Cutler test the market and then go draft someone if he left." This isn't an unreasonable stance, really. I argued for just that after Josh McCown's performance on Monday night. The simple economics say that if Trestman can coach up McCown and the Bears can find a future franchise quarterback for cheap in the draft, they're better off than they would be paying Cutler $20 million. Chicago, um, probably knows this. Phil Emery is a smart dude and he managed to rebuild the Bears offense in impressively fast fashion.