The Green Bay Packers aren't happy about Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan's hit on Davante Adams or his reaction after the play. Adams, a fourth-year receiver, was taken to a local hospital after he took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Trevathan in the third quarter of Green Bay's 35-14 win at Lambeau Field on Thursday night. The Packers said Adams was conscious and had feeling in all of his extremities. He gave a thumbs-up sign while he was being taken off the field on a gurney. He was being evaluated for head and neck injuries and the possibility of a concussion. "I don't like anybody celebrating when a guy gets carted off the field," Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "That's kind of the message I was conveying to them." Said Packers tight end Martellus Bennett: "What we thought was f---ed up was that he was celebrating that play. You get your ass kicked, you took a cheap shot and you celebrate when a guy goes down. That's what really pissed us off." Trevathan's hit knocked out Adams' mouth guard, and fellow Packers receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson immediately motioned to the Packers' sideline for help. "I'm not a dirty player," Travathan told reporters after the game. "So I don't do dirty hits." When Packers cornerback Davon House saw the replay on a reporter's phone after the game, he said: "Oh god, that's disgusting. That's illegal. I didn't see it like that [before]. Oh my goodness. That's dirty. I didn't see it like that. Yeah, that's dirty. I don't think we have any guys like that that would do anything malicious like that, but that is a dirty hit." Officials penalized Trevathan for unnecessary roughness but did not eject him.