I wonder if there was a moment during Matt Nagy’s job interview with Bears general manager Ryan Pace when he stopped the proceedings and said: “I’ll get back to your question on my offensive philosophy in a second, Ryan, but there’s something that’s really bothering me. Mike Glennon? You gave $18.5 million in guaranteed money to Mike Glennon? Tell me there were extenuating circumstances. Tell me that you had been drugged and kidnapped, and that the hostage taker with such outlandish demands was the quarterback’s mom.’’ Pace said Wednesday that the Bears will waive Glennon, who is the biggest mistake to date in the GM’s tenure with the team. Many of you are rejoicing at his departure, mostly because he was bad from the moment he stepped foot in Bourbonnais for training camp last season. I liked having him around as a physical reminder that Pace couldn’t answer every harsh question with “Mitch Trubisky,’’ as if that were a shield that deflected all criticism of past crimes. Trubisky’s potential couldn’t erase the terrible decision to make Glennon rich. Once Glennon is gone, Pace, as punishment, should have to swirl a “G’ into his heavily gelled hair. Sort of a maximum-hold scarlet letter.