While Bears inside linebacker Danny Trevathan waits to hear from the league office regarding the hit he launched on Thursday night -- the one that resulted in the hospitalization of Packers receiver Davante Adams -- he wants to make two things clear. One, he hopes Adams is OK. And two, he doesn't think the hit was dirty. After Thursday's game, a 35-14 Packers win, Trevathan revealed that he'll reach out to Adams to make sure he's fine. "I was just trying to make a play. It wasn't intentional. I was just trying to do my job and he ended up getting hurt," Trevathan said, via NFL.com. "I'm sorry about that and I'm going to reach out to him." He added that he's not a dirty player and that he doesn't believe the hit warrants a suspension. "I don't think it should be a suspension, but you never know," he said. "I'm just going to send a prayer out. My main concern was that he's OK.