And with the eighth pick in the 2013 NBA Rising Stars Challenge...Team Chuck selected...Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal, who anticipates making his return to real NBA games on Friday. As part of the NBA All-Star weekend announcements including participants in the dunk, 3-point shooting and Shooting Stars contest, rookies and sophomores were drafted by coach's Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal. Beal, third in scoring among all rookies with 13.2 points, was the fourth rookie selected. While a fan vote will determine the starting lineup, Beal will likely be paired with Minnesota's Ricky Rubio, a late addition to the draft pool. Before revealing his selection, Barkley teased the pick of Beal by saying "the guy I thought was going to be the second best rookie this year." Moments after making the pick, Barkley's on-air collegeuges mildly chided him seeing as Beal missed the previous five games with a sprained right wrist. Good news for Sir Charles: Beal is back - or at least he expects to be for Friday's game against Brooklyn. "It's a little better. I think I'm going to play tomorrow," Beal said following Thursday's practice at the Verizon Center. "Still a little pain. Took a long time, but it's healing back and I feel good." Beal, who estimates his wrist feels around 80-90 percent normal, was put through the paces by the Wizards staff at the practice, something akin to his draft workout with the team back during the summer. "Doing all type of running, running I haven't even done since High School," Beal said. "It's really hard getting back in shape. Not doing anything for like three or four days, you lose your wind quick."