The conclusion of a one-point loss to the LA Clippers on Saturday left the Washington Wizards scratching their heads over what star guard Bradley Beal called a "freak rule." The Clippers won the game at Staples Center 113-112 thanks to Lou Williams' 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds remaining, but the aftermath of the reserve guard's clutch shot was filled with drama. After the Wizards used a timeout to set up a potential go-ahead score, backup point guard Tomas Satoransky inbounded the ball to Beal on the left baseline. Beal converted the jumper following a dribble, but it was discounted when the buzzer sounded with the ball in his hands. However, after a review, the game clock was found to have started early, giving the Wizards another try. Only this time, it was set to 1.1 seconds instead of 1.2, and the Wizards had to inbound from the corner. Washington's second opportunity didn't go so well. Center Marcin Gortat was forced to take a contested 21-foot jump shot that missed, ending the game. Beal said that the officials gave him a simple explanation afterward. "Excuse my language, because I'm gonna say verbatim what they said," Beal said. "They said it's something called the ... some s--- rule. It's a freak rule. To me, it didn't really make sense because you kind of take a basket away. You go back and we get the same amount of time, but we didn't get the same amount of time and then the ball was placed in the corner." Beal then remembered what the officials said the rule was.