Question: Who's your pick to win the tourney? Sherrington: I'm saying Florida, but I don't feel good about it. Question: Think SFA can pull the upset over VCU? I'm thinking Sweet 16. Sherrington: I'm a big Shaka Smart fan, so this is going to be tough for SFA. Question: Do you think that the AAC will be studying how to game the RPI system like the Atlantic 10 did this past offseason? No way Dayton or Umass should be in and SMU out. Sherrington: I like the feel of the tournament, which gives everyone a shot. But we can't pretend that it puts the best teams in the field. How can SMU be ranked 23rd in the country, then not be one of the 68 teams in the running? Either the Top 25 is a farce, or there are serious problems with our system. Question: If the most recent case against the NCAA decides against them (removing the cap on what an athlete can receive) where would that leave a school like SMU, who apparently is at its limit in providing school funds to the athletic dept.? Sherrington: An interesting question, and certainly just part of the overall topic. What players get money? Football? Basketball? Just the revenue producers? Do you pro-rate it? Or does everybody get something? I'm not sure what you do. First and foremost, I think they have to provide access to scholarships in perpetuity for some of these athletes, as well as long-term health care. That's more important than just pocket money. There's a lot to be done. But it has to be done, instead of everyone just continuing to build bigger weight rooms. Question: Any team you like going into the Tournament? I'm not seeing Baylor or Texas making the next weekend. Sherrington: Baylor is very hot; Texas, ice cold. I don't know how much that momentum means going into the tournament, but I think Baylor has a much better chance than Texas. The Bears have a good inside-outside game. They also seem to have a chip on their shoulders.