In a report from Bild (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), Bayern Munich’s new leadership hierarchy has been revealed and there are some very interesting facets to the new alignment.

First and foremost, Leon Goretzka has been added to the core leadership council and Sadio Mané could also be on the cusp of joining the group.

From there, it gets a little more interesting as @iMiaSanMia abstracted. Here are the highlights:

  • Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller are the first two captains and sit atop of the structure, while Joshua Kimmich has been appointed as third captain and is considered to “almost” be at the level of the two veteran stars.
  • Kimmich will reportedly be an even more vital part of the council than Robert Lewandowski was in that role. Lewandowski, of course, left for FC Barcelona. Lewandowski’s internal status was reportedly based on his production and performance and not on his ability to actually lead. Kimmich is known to be a much more vocal presence.
  • The current leadership council now includes Neuer, Müller, Kimmich, Coman, and Goretzka.