Friday’s edition of daily American newspaper The New York Times featured Bayern Munich’s famed Bundesliga dominance and explored an interesting proposition: what is it that fans want, dynastic dominance or competition? Rory Smith, chief soccer correspondent at the paper of record, outlined some arguments in favor of each — but subscribed also, perhaps, to superficial narratives about German football. Let’s break it down.

Dynastic appeal

Sports dynasties in America, if loathed by rival fanbases, are also begrudgingly respected — well, even amid grumbles (fair, at times!) over how they might be damaging the sport. For a neutral audience, there’s nothing we enjoy better than a small-market MLB team smashing it in the face of the New York Yankees — the Times’ hometown team, also dubbed the ‘Evil Empire’ for their consistent dominance in payroll power.

In Germany, of course, Bayern are the Empire. The baddies, that’s us. Ten Bundesliga titles on the spin, a transfer window for the ages, and if there were any thoughts that the team had lost a step or were starting to show vulnerability, Joshua Kimmich torched them — and the net — in about five minutes on opening day.