Yu Darvish and his entourage make their Rogers Centre debut Monday night. No doubt, Texas Rangers' equipment manager Richard (Hoggy) Price brought extra luggage. "What does Darvish have? Nine pitches?" asked Blue Jays left fielder Eric Thames. "Didn't Daisuke Matsuzaka have nine when he came over from Japan and the Boston Red Sox cut him back to four or five?" The advantage always goes to the pitcher in first-time meetings, whether it's Team Canada's Adam Loewen, who had not pitched above class-A, facing Team USA majors leaguers/future Hall of Famers in the 2006 World Baseball Classic or Philadelphia Phillies' Mark Davis and his 17.65 ERA facing the Montreal Expos in 1981. "We haven't seen him and we don't know a lot about him," said Jose Bautista, "but then ... he hasn't seen me, either."