So how many starters do the Blue Jays need for the second half? "Well, we lost three," Jose Bautista told reporters Monday afternoon at the American League press gathering of all-stars at Arrowhead Stadium. Bautista was told it's tough to obtain one pitcher, how difficult would it be for general manager Alex Anthopoulos to obtain three. How many prospects would that take? "If that's what it takes ... it has to be done," said Bautista. "I know it's wishful thinking, maybe we can add one and win. Maybe people like Brett Cecil and other guys take advantage of the opportunity. Given an opportunity in crucial situations brings out the best sometimes." It wasn't quite as severe as Roy Halladay describing playing for the Jays as like Ground Hog Day "every spring we get together in spring, talk how well we're going to do and every year at the break we sit here and talk about what went wrong," in New York at the 2008 all-star game. But as all-star game proclamations go, it ranks up there.