It was originally expected that there would be a resolution to the Nic Batum question by late tonight, since the Minnesota Timberwolves are currently holding a signed offer sheet, which Batum signed Thursday. But there are still negotiations going on and a league source says those talks could spill over into Friday. Minnesota may choose not to turn the signed offer sheet into the league until then, keeping negotiations alive for a sign-and-trade. There were a couple of new twists that may have made it a more difficult offer sheet for the Trail Blazers to swallow. For one thing, the T-Wolves have apparently sweetened their offer to include a player or players not previously a part of the talks. But more important, another new development is that the contract offer sheet Batum has signed apparently contains a 15 percent trade kicker. In other words, if the team that ends up with him wishes to trade him, it is going to have to pay him a costly 15 percent penalty to do so.