This is the seventh (and eighth) entry in a series detailing the greatest players in Cleveland Indians history for each spot in the batting order. Here are links to the previous entries in the series: Batting 1st, Batting 2nd, Batting 3rd, Batting 4th, and Batting 5th, Batting 6th I'm combining the next couple spots into one post because there simply isn't as much to work with this low in the order. Generally speaking, anyone batting 7th or 8th for an extended period of time is probably not that strong a hitter. I'm cutting down the lists from a top ten to a just five for each lineup spot, because beyond that we wouldn't be talking about hitters who were even a bit above average. In fact (as you'll see), even to go five players deep from the #8 spot mean including some below average hitters. Next week's look at the #9 spot may not include ANY average hitters!