I feel like I keep writing about Bryce Harper and Manny Machado in this space, and I apologize for repeating myself so much already.

But with the NFL season over, the NBA season in its lull between the trade deadline and the playoff run, the NHL almost entirely beyond my scope, and MLB spring training camps opening up in Florida and Arizona, this is a time when sportswriters have little better to do than dig in behind their takes and tear down any of the needling little points readers make to contend with them.

And when you write about MLB's weird free-agency freeze-out as often as I do, people come out of the woodwork to point the blame at the players and their agents for being greedy. No one deserves to hold out for a guaranteed $300 million to play a game, they say, and the problems detailed by this author and Justin Verlander should be solved by the implementation of a salary cap.

This is no straw man. People really say this. The tide seems to be slowly turning toward the players (or maybe I'm doing a better job avoiding the worst and most pro-owner takes), but there are still some out there pinning blame on the dudes who hit the dingers and not the ones that reap the bulk of the profit.