Major League Baseball is being played this season in unprecedented conditions, under circumstances that would have seemed unimaginable as recently as four months ago. And as we’ve seen in recent days, it’s an extremely difficult endeavor. We live in scary times, a fact that is impossible to ignore right now.

But, of course, watching sports -- and baseball in particular -- is something people do in part so they can get away from the perils and stresses of their daily lives. Enjoying baseball is not a distraction of the woes of the world, nor a solution to them. It is just a temporary escape, a balm during a time when balms are difficult to come across. One can be, and stay, deeply engaged with this moment in America and 2020 and still enjoy a baseball game for a few hours. Humans are resilient little animals.

Those in charge of broadcasting these games are aware of all this: They are, after all, in the entertainment business, and this is a moment in which entertainment is in particularly high demand. So they have made adjustments to the baseball-watching experience in a world where there are no fans in the stands, in order to make you feel like the game you are watching is not dramatically different than baseball games you’ve been watching for years.