Raptors ownership is poised to bring back Bryan Colangelo and Dwane Casey for another season. They will be making a mistake, particularly where Colangelo is concerned. Colangelo’s refusal to recognize the obvious with Andrea Bargnani — that the “enigma of enigmas” could never be relied on as a key building block — and his total misread of the Chris Bosh situation have resulted in three playoff wins in seven years, including five years without a playoff appearance, when things could have been much different. Sure, drafting Jonas Valanciunas was a coup and acquiring Rudy Gay was a strong play, but the roster that has been built is one that is capped out and limited in where it can go, unless Valanciunas becomes a superstar. By convincing himself that Bargnani would one day repay his faith in him, Colangelo failed the franchise he has been paid handsomely to direct. Instead of dealing him when he had solid value, Colangelo hung on to the Roman and now, according to league sources, an asset would likely have to be included just to dump the $22.5 million US remaining on his contract. That’s unacceptable. Doubly so in that one reason Bosh left was because Colangelo could not properly build around him, partly because he believed Bargnani would be a key piece beside Bosh. Not to mention, Toronto’s long-time president/general manager saw the team’s second-best all-time player bolt for next to nothing in return. Yes, Bosh and his agent gave indications that Toronto had a shot of retaining the big man, but history shows Colangelo was misguided to believe them. Not with Miami in position to make an historic haul, partly thanks to Colangelo (Jermaine O’Neal for Shawn Marion gifted the Heat the cap space required to add both Bosh and LeBron James).