Barcelona's players have rejected a proposal to have their wages significantly reduced as the club seeks ways to minimise the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, sources have told ESPN.

Negotiations between the club's captains and the board of directors are ongoing. Sources explained that the players are willing to take a hit to their salaries but they are not happy with the terms that have been suggested by the board so far.

There is friction between some of the players and some members of the board, which has made negotiations difficult. However, there remains optimism that an agreement will be reached.

ESPN first revealed that Barcelona hoped to agree on a temporary wage cut with the players last Friday following a video conference between the members of the board. The reduction will not only apply to the men's first team, but also to the club's other professional teams, including the women's first team and the basketball team, among others.

However, there is a particular focus on the men's team, given their salaries account for around half the club's annual budget. The players earn just over €500 million annually between them.