As the saga continues, FC Barcelona's aim was to turn this week into 'Griezmann Week'. However, it seems as though the situation is more complicated than they would have liked, or indeed expected.

Griezmann payment complications

Those in charge of transfer dealings at the Camp Nou have been working on the premise that they would pay the player's release clause of 120 million euros at LaLiga headquarters on Wednesday. Following that, the player would arrive in the Catalan capital after his agreed 30 days holiday and could be presented on Friday (12 July), having the traditional photograph in the Camp Nou store, and on Monday could start training with his teammates, finally one of the squad.

However, Barça's lack of liquidity and ongoing negotiations with the banks that can endorse the 120 million euros, is likely to disrupt the club's plans. This could force them to delay the current timeline, with a payment then potentially not being made before Friday.