Nobody misses Aaron Rodgers more than the Green Bay Packers, who went from a Super Bowl contender to an afterthought when Rodgers broke his collarbone back in Week 6. The Bavarian Bierhaus, a pub based in Glendale, Wisconsin, is a close second. As CBC Radio reported on Tuesday, The Bavarian Bierhaus always offers free beers on Sundays from kickoff until the Packers score. As you can imagine, they've been churning through a ton of free beer ever since Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone. On Sunday, disaster struck. The Packers got shut out by the Ravens, which meant free beer during the entire game. "What happens is that people come to the Bierhaus to watch the Packer game and at kick off we start serving free beer to anybody who would like it ... We serve the first initial free beers and, typically, historically, we've been done serving free beer by the middle of first quarter," Scott Bell, the bar's general manager, explained to "As It Happens" host Carol Off. "Sunday's game didn't work out that way." As a result of the shutout, The Bavarian Beirhaus gave away somewhere between 275-300 cups of free beer, according to Bell. "I have to tell you, Carol, that so many people, when they came back after the halftime and in the third quarter, actually apologized for drinking my beer, hoping the Packers would score," he said. Just how bad has it been? In the six games started by Rodgers, the Packers failed to score in the first quarter only twice (including the game in which Rodgers got hurt). Hundley has already failed to get the Packers on the board in the first quarter twice in four starts. In five full games with Rodgers, the Packers averaged 27.4 points per game. In nearly five full games with Hundley, they've averaged 13.4 points per game. Sunday was the Packers' first game going scoreless at Lambeau Field in 11 years.