Dusty Baker refused to second-guess the decision to wait until Monday to MRI Joey Votto's knee. Votto had surgery to repair a torn meniscus Tuesday. The injury occurred on June 29. "I don't know, man," Baker said. "They didn't think it was what it was. That happens all the time. We've got one of the best medical staffs around. It's easy to say, 'You should have done this or that.' But it didn't merit or warrant that at that time." Votto is expected to miss three to four weeks. "It went OK, as best it could," Baker said. "The sooner you get these things done the less damage you're doing to something else in your leg. I learned that 35 years ago. Hopefully, they caught it early. "He'll be in rehab as soon as he feels like it. Hopefully, there's no swelling. Joey's a quick healer. We're sad to lose Joey, but we're glad to get it done as soon as possible."