Baker Mayfield is constantly learning about the business of pro football. The former Oklahoma quarterback has spent time training in Los Angeles and gained important face time with NFL teams during his week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. On Saturday, he made his first trip back to OU since the Rose Bowl and held a 10-minute news conference with reporters. Mayfield said he’s going to visit the Cleveland Browns in early April. The franchise has the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. “It’s been a crazy journey, hasn’t stopped,” Mayfield said. “This is the first time I’ve been back to Norman, actually. Since the Senior Bowl I’ve been training hard, getting ready for the (NFL) combine, setting up my schedule for interviews and whatnot, going forward after Pro Day. It’s a long process, a waiting game. You guys know me, I’d rather play ball. So I’m excited to get through this process and get back to it.” The NFL combine takes place in two weeks. Mayfield wants to show his competitiveness at the event. “There’s a reason I’m going there and I’m going to throw. I’m going to do everything,” he said. “I’m just going to show what I show on Saturdays is who I am every week, every day. Competitive. I’m going to do everything I can to prove I’m still working hard.” The biggest thing that Mayfield learned about his journey is to be up front and honest about everything. The Heisman Trophy winner made headlines for his play on the field and some of his actions off the field during his senior season at OU. “I learned that’s the best way to be,” Mayfield said. “Those guys (at the Senior Bowl) had a lot of questions about my character, everything like that. So when I sat down and had conversations with guys that make decisions on putting millions of dollars — they’re in control of those franchises. They have to invest in young guys and they don’t know exactly what they’re going to get. So being honest and up front with those people was the best thing for me. That’s what I learned so I’m going to keep doing that.” Mayfield won’t be able to attend Oklahoma’s spring game on April 14, so he decided to schedule Saturday’s visit to see friends, fans and watch Trae Young play basketball at Lloyd Noble Center.