Because he's Baker Mayfield, Baker Mayfield is kind of used to everyone watching his every move.

When you're a former No. 1 overall pick and a Heisman Trophy winner (and still on a regular loop of commercials because of it), that's kind of the deal. So he wasn't necessarily surprised his celebratory headbutts last week went viral, but he also knows that now that he's a starter again this week against the Ravens, there are a lot more important factors.

"I expect to win," Mayfield said when asked about what he's looking for from his second stint with the ones. "I expect to go out there and do everything I possibly can to put us in a position to win and do it at a very, very high level. I don't think there's much to it; it's what I expect out of myself and what I expect out of the group."

He's taken that kind of face-value approach, even though there's so much on the line for him personally. He was willing to take a pay cut to facilitate the trade here in July, hoping it would jump-start his career after the Browns replaced him. Going 1-4 in the first five starts was clearly not part of the plan — for the team or him. Now, he has to know that the entire league is watching to see how he plays — but also how he handles himself when he's not playing.

So as important as this game could be for his future, Mayfield stayed rooted in the present.