Bleary eyed and tuxedoed, Baker Mayfield sat in front of a room of college football's elite earlier this month, reflecting on his membership into college football's most exclusive fraternity. Before Mayfield could give his final acceptance speech of the awards week, a couple of former Heisman winners took the podium at the Heisman gala and reflected on their wins. Gino Torretta, the 1992 Heisman winner, echoed a sentiment felt by many that night. The Heisman Trophy was an incredible honor, but if the former Miami quarterback could do it over again, he'd trade it all for a national championship. Torretta and his No. 1 Hurricanes fell to No. 2 Alabama in the title game that year, losing 34-13. “It was a common theme among guys that were able to win it and play for a national championship,” Mayfield said. “I got the same advice from all of them. This is a special deal, and I'm not gonna downplay that. But if I could do anything it would be finishing it out by winning the big one.” Beginning with Monday's Rose Bowl against No. 3 Georgia (4 p.m., ESPN), just two games separate Mayfield from a confetti shower at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the OU quarterback hopes he can achieve what so many former winners haven't. “I said it before the season that I didn't come back to win a Heisman, I came back to win a national championship title,” Mayfield said. “I'm going to enjoy this. I'm not going to downplay the Heisman week. It's something that's so special to me. “I came back for my senior year to win a national title. That's right out in front of us. All the goals we set are still right there.” If Mayfield wins the national championship, he'll be only the seventh Heisman Trophy winner to do so since 1993.