Baker Mayfield?'s star is rising, perhaps not high enough to pull even with UFOs, but enough to sell the Browns on a fifth-year option.

Before he hits that fifth year, Mayfield must first complete his fourth NFL season. After leading the Browns to 11 regular-season wins and the team's first postseason triumph since the 1994 season, Mayfield has learned that victories matter more than anything else for his future.

"If we win games, everything will happen how it should," Mayfield told reporters Monday. "That's my mentality and I truly do believe that."

Mayfield's Browns certainly did so in 2020, building up the legitimacy of a franchise that had only flirted with the thought before ultimately disappointing its fanbase prior to Mayfield's third campaign. His efforts, while not statistically incredible, were exactly what Cleveland needed to contend, score an upset playoff win and nearly take down the defending-champion Chiefs.