The Buffalo Sabres are not (currently) a good hockey team, and there are many reasons why. The reason we're looking at today is the fact that this team takes too many penalties against, and is terrible at capitalizing on the power play. The Sabres take too many penalties to be a good hockey team. Whether you believe that statement to be true or not, consider this - the Sabres have taken 84 penalties against, third most in the league behind Philadelphia and Montreal. "But wait", you say, "they've done much more fighting this year, so many of those are major penalties that take players from each team off the ice". Very astute observation, young grasshopper, but even if you wiped all their major penalties off the board, the Sabres would still have the seventh most penalties against in the NHL. Their PK was great last night against Ottawa, going 8-for-8 with a man down. But how much of that time could be better spent in the offensive zone? How much do those penalty kills wear down your PK crew, depriving them of energy in the third period?