Gongshow. That’s the word Connor McDavid used to describe the last time the Flames and Oilers met in the regular season.

Chaos. That’s what Blake Coleman called Game 1 of the first Battle of Alberta this proud province has seen in 31 years, a wild 15-goal affair that saw a goaltender chased in the first few minutes and a blown four-goal lead.

Gongshow. Chaos. Mayhem. Bedlam. Beautiful.

Whatever word you pick, it’s no wonder that Matthew Tkachuk was in the middle of the madness on Wednesday night.

Heck, his entire family was, as hats rained down at the The ‘Dome to celebrate Tkachuk’s empty netter, which gave him the first Flames playoff hat trick in 26 years.

The Brady Tkachuk Cam has become appointment viewing during the playoffs. How often do you see the captain of another NHL franchise front and center, armed with a beverage in hand and two more in his back pockets, playing the role of supportive brother and superfan?

It’s as unique as Matthew Tkachuk’s game. He’s a 104-point NHL unicorn.

That unicorn was born for this Battle of Alberta – he just didn’t know it when he was born in 1997, six years after their last playoff clash.