Yes, Jared Sullinger will be ready for the start of next season, and furthermore, the rookie isn’t completely broken up about the back surgery that ended his campaign. He can look forward to something bigger. “Actually, in the long term, I think I’ll come back better just because with the back problems, I had limitations,” Sullinger said last night before the Celtics took on the Bulls. “The doctor told me with the two discs being herniated, it was only making my legs weaker. So hopefully that’s a sign that I might be able to get off the ground more than two inches. “Pretty much I just came to peace and realized my season was over. It’s going to help me out in the long run just because having it now, having my feet wet in the NBA and understanding what the NBA lifestyle is as far as having back-to-backs — playing in Boston and going to another city the next day — it just helped me out tremendously.” As for the basics, he said, “I’m feeling a lot better. No pain. Just taking it slow.” And he added that his will have “no long-term limitations. I should be good for the rest of my life.” According to Sullinger, the procedure “pretty much removed the herniation from my nervous system that was where the disc was bulging into my nervous system, removed it and placed it back. Now I’m just sitting around waiting for it to scar up and be in place.” The problem dates to Nov. 30, 2011, when he played for Ohio State. Questions about his health caused him to fall into the Celtics’ laps at No. 21 in last June’s draft, but there hadn’t been an issue with his back until a win against Sacramento on Jan. 30.