Jamaal Tinsley is 35 years old, and if the biggest challenge facing him right now is a front-row seat to watch basketball, he’ll take it. "I’ve been through worse things than that," the Utah Jazz point guard said Tuesday. Tinsley’s 10th NBA season has seen him start 32 games and then unable to get off the bench in 22 others. In Tinsley’s mind, though, that is small potatoes compared with other events in his life. "My issue was just the off-the-court stuff," he said. "Anytime you can overcome anything in life it should make you a better person, especially if [there’s] something that you love to do. And that’s basketball." He was there for the Malice at the Palace, the infamous brawl between the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and fans in 2004; he’s reportedly been shot at, was present for another shooting involving then-teammate Stephen Jackson and was later arrested for a brawl at a nightclub before the Pacers finally jettisoned Tinsley into the basketball ether in 2008. The Jazz have 15 games remaining in this season, not counting the potential for a playoff run. It’s unclear how long Tinsley’s career will extend beyond this season. What is evident, though, is that two years with one of the most straight-edged franchises in the NBA, one with a serious aversion to controversy, resurrected the career of one of the NBA’s bad boys. "Coming to an organization like this," Tinsley said, "usually they wouldn’t sign guys like me, so they say. But who is that guy? Get to know that guy first, then make the judgment."