The boos tonight will be heard from the Mile High City all the way to Boulder. Carmelo Anthony is back in town, but it couldn’t have come at a more depressing time for him. The most important D-word Anthony uttered last night after practice wasn’t Denver but drainage. Anthony said he expects to play tonight at the Pepsi Center in his first game in Denver since the February 2011 trade, but admitted his sore right knee is not getting better. If this continues, he may have the fluid in his knee drained in a procedure that would keep him out anywhere from a few days to a week, according to medical experts. However, the experts said, fluid in the back of the knee is usually a result of arthritis or cartilage wear and tear, both chronic conditions. In a spate of lousy timing, Anthony has more to worry about than the expected boos. He is fretting about how his knee reacts more than how the Denver crowd reacts. Mike Woodson said Anthony was “probably probable’’ and Melo said he would play and then possibly reevaluate after the game. So tonight’s showdown against the Nuggets could conceivably be his last of the five-game West Coast trip that got off to a disastrous start in Oakland on Monday when the Knicks lost to the Warriors by 29 points and scored just 63 — their lowest output in seven seasons. “We’re talking about it [the procedure],’’ Anthony said after practicing on the Nuggets’ practice court at Pepsi Center. “The doctors will sit down and talk about it and see my options. I think that’s the last option — to get the knee drained. I have to weigh all the options — how much time I’d have to take off.’’