If there is a positive to have come from the 119-day NHL lockout, it is the extra time afforded the Colorado Avalanche to locate a new charter airline for the team. That can't be said for three other NHL squads that began a shortened season last month or two NBA teams that stuck with troubled Swift Air. The Phoenix-based airline that the Avs and their NBA sibling Denver Nuggets had contracted to use through 2016 filed for bankruptcy reorganization last year, pressing a number of sports franchises to decide whether to stay or find a new carrier. The airline, which began in 1997 with former Phoenix Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes, contracted to provide transportation for a number of NHL and NBA teams, a list that bankruptcy forced it to pare last summer. Swift Air — reeling from a failed plan to expand its service into the Asian Pacific — said it could survive if it could pare expenses and a few of its contracts.