This is just what everyone feared with Peter Mueller, a situation that no doubt would contribute to any migraine headache that might afflict Avalanche general manager Greg Sherman and coach Joe Sacco. To review: Mueller, the top-six left winger who missed the final weeks of the 2009-10 season and all of the following season with a concussion, lasted just three games before being sidelined again. There has been no official confirmation from the Avs that Mueller is suffering from renewed concussion symptoms, only that he "isn't feeling well." But what is known is that the Avs have been in contact of late with noted Boston concussion specialist Dr. Robert Cantu about Mueller. You do the math from there. For now, the Avalanche's surprisingly great start — entering Saturday's game in Chicago against the Blackhawks, anyway — has helped push Mueller's latest health ailment to the background. But make no mistake: It's foremost in the minds of Avalanche management, which might soon have to make a tough decision on how to make up for another potentially lengthy absence from such an important player. The Avs have two possible remedies, but each is fraught with possible side effects: