Avery Bradley isn’t by any means loud, and yet he has no problem being heard. It’s a combination that has made him most appreciated around the Celtics, while raising his stock around the league. “You’ve heard people say you lead by example,” Bradley said as he prepared for tonight’s game in Philadelphia. “That’s what I do, just like Kevin (Garnett) and them with how hard they play. I try to do the same thing every night. “I feel like people feed off my energy and how hard I play. It’s like contagious. It makes everybody want to play hard on the defensive end.” Garnett certainly concurs. “Avery is everything to our defense,” said KG. “I think he’s the anchor, if you will. He’s the true inspiration of what it is. If you look at any other guard in the league, no one’s playing defense like he is. He’s just tenacious, man. He’s a silent leader, and it’s by example. “I don’t think he’s 100 percent, which is scary,” Garnett added, referring to Bradley’s surgeries on both shoulders. “I think he’s still working through some things with his past injuries and stuff. But he’s playing hard and he’s giving us everything he has when he’s on the floor.” As for the vocal component of Bradley’s leadership, coach Doc Rivers said, “He plays so hard, he probably can’t speak half the time because he’s exhausted. I just like what he’s doing. “I think he’s 100 percent leg-wise. He’s been 100 percent. I guess if there’s any good thing about having a shoulder, it’s that you can still use your legs conditioning-wise. You can do all the running. As far as his shoulders, I can’t answer that.” The place to be