UPDATE: Cosart has apparently now responded to the claims; an account claiming to be his new official Twitter says his original account was hacked and DMs were sent to incriminate him in a gambling conspiracy. He says "I have not, nor will I ever, bet on the game of baseball." We've messaged the Marlins to try to confirm the new messages are from the pitcher himself. Starting pitcher Jarred Cosart came to the Miami Marlins last summer hoping for a fresh start after a sometimes rocky tenure with the Houston Astros. Instead, he finds himself this morning amidst a Twitter-storm of allegations tying him to gambling. MLB is now looking into the claims, a spokesman tells New Times. Cosart's troubles started last night with a gambling expert on Twitter alleging he'd direct messaged a colleague asking for betting advice. Cosart later deleted his own account as tweets piled up accusing him of gambling and speculating whether he'd ever bet on baseball, which would be a serious violation of the game's rules.