Wherever he was Monday night, Ryan O'Reilly might have sat back with a smug grin and thought to himself, "That's why I'm worth the money." If he has been paying any attention to the Avalanche the last couple of games, he would see that the team is a hot mess on the penalty kill without him, not to mention one incapable of scoring goals right now. While the Avalanche wilts, O'Reilly's leverage gets higher with every passing disaster like Monday night's, when the Avs thoroughly embarrassed the game of hockey in the first two periods on the way to a 4-1 loss. All four goals were allowed with Edmonton on the power play, although the final goal allowed was with an empty net. "Special teams were not very good for us again," Avs defenseman Erik Johnson said. "It's disappointing. It happened the other day in San Jose and it carried over to tonight. We've got to give our goalie something better. We need (penalty) kills. Penalties are going to happen through the course of a game, and we need to come up with some kills and bail our teammates out."