Take this to the bank: it’s going to be a while before the Avs name a new coach. My spies tell me there will be no new coach in the near future. This probably means the following: - The Avs would like to see if Dave Tippett will be available. The Phoenix coach’s contract runs out June 30. Tippett could have a bidding war for his services this summer, between the Avs, Stars, Coyotes and maybe others. He is a highly prized coach. - Maybe the same applies to Lindy Ruff, but not as much as Tippett I don’t think. But Ruff is a viable candidate. He has all the checkmarks Joe Sakic is looking for, most especially experience and a knowledge of the league. He cannot be dismissed. - Does this eliminate someone like Patrick Roy? I can’t say for sure. Some people around the league still think the Avs would like to hire their former goalie. I’m not so sure (translation: I don’t think so, but don’t hold me to this).