Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher was legally drunk when he killed his girlfriend at their home and then himself outside the team's Arrowhead Stadium practice facility, according to autopsy results released today. The results show Belcher's blood-alcohol level was .17 when he died, about five hours after police found him sleeping in his Bentley in front of his secret girlfriend's apartment. That alcohol level is more than twice the legal driving limit. The autopsy results for his live-in girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, showed virtually no trace of alcohol. Both autopsies showed no presence of illegal drugs. Perkins' autopsy showed she died from nine gunshot wounds, including one where the shot was fired at close range to the outside of her right hand, which could indicate she was trying to shield herself from the gunfire, according to a medical expert. Four of her wounds displayed upward paths, possibly indicating she was on the floor when those shots were fired since Belcher was nearly a foot taller than Perkins, the expert said. Those wounds struck her neck, chest, hip and back. Police previously had said one bullet went through the floor under Perkins' body, another indication that she was on the floor when some of the shots were fired. Bullets perforated her liver, kidney, and spleen and struck and traveled through parts of her backbone. Belcher's fatal injuries were simpler: a single bullet wound to the right temple. The medical examiner also noted numerous scars to his body, mostly on his arms and legs, possibly from his work in the National Football League. Belcher's blood-alcohol level at his death indicates his level could have been .22 or higher when officers encountered him in his car. Police generally assume a person eliminates about .01 of alcohol per hour, which is a conservative estimate. The police case file, released last month, detailed Belcher and Perkins' problems as a couple, how Belcher's mother and the Chiefs tried to help them, and Belcher's activities before the killings. Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/01/14/4010286/autopsy-belcher-was-drunk-when.html#storylink=cpy