If you see Jaz Singh at a Green Bay Packers or Wisconsin Badgers game, say hello — if you can beat him to it.

Singh is from Australia and, nominally, living in Green Bay. He plans to attend every Packers and Badgers football game this year.

It's an ambitious goal, given he doesn't have tickets for most games and getting from college to pro games, sometimes within less than 24 hours of each other, will require careful timing and a huge amount of good fortune.

"It's a crazy schedule, trying to fit both the Badgers and Packers. One day you're in Madison on Saturday, the next day you're in Dallas or San Francisco," he said. 

Singh is undaunted. 

"I don't have tickets. I'm going to try to scalp and get tickets for all the games. Some games will be more difficult than others," he said. 

Based on his experience so far, the odds seem good. He was given free tickets to the Ravens game in Baltimore and the Oakland Raiders game in Winnipeg, and he met a couple from Minneapolis who offered him a place to stay when the Badgers and Packers play there.

Thirty-eight years old, single and a high school history teacher, Singh is Indian by DNA, English by birth and Australian by choice, except when it comes to his favorite sport, cricket. Then he's all English.