A lot of people, including his teammates, have a lot to say about Auston Matthews‘ mustache. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ superstar forward has become synonymous with facial hair, as he’s sported it for a few seasons, making a scene in Canadian media in 2019.

But, he has finally decided to part ways with his trademark ‘stache, promising to do so if he raised over $134,000 for Movember. He made the pledge on October 28, a few days before Movember began, and Leafs fans came through.

On the evening of November 20, Matthews officially surpassed $134,000 (34 is the number Matthews wears on his jersey), and he will officially lose his mustache at the end of the month.

In his Mo-Museum, Auston Matthews calls himself a facial hair connoisseur, and notes that, while he made the same pledge last year, he did not quite reach his $134,000 goal, so his iconic facial hair remained.