Auston Matthews told reporters on Monday that he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus last month, but was feeling fully healthy ahead of the Maple Leafs’ opening their return to play training camp on Monday.

“I was pretty much asymptomatic, felt for the most pretty normal for two weeks [of isolating],” Matthews said on a Zoom call at Ford Performance Centre. “I did my quarantine and I'm healthy now, so it's all good.”

Matthews was in his home state of Arizona at the time of his diagnosis and had to put the breaks on preparations for the NHL’s prospective return. The positive test prevented Matthews from returning to Canada to participate in the entirety of Phase 2’s voluntary workouts, but he didn’t feel like he’d fall too far behind.

“[The virus] didn’t really hinder my training, I was able to do stuff at home,” Matthews said. “Obviously wasn't able to leave or anything. I think that's really the only thing that kind of took a hit for me. I was skating beforehand and having to take two and a half, three weeks off obviously kind of catches up to you.”

Arizona has developed into a hot spot for COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, already topping more than 40,000 infections in July alone. Matthews can’t say for sure how he contracted the virus though, and wouldn’t suggest his symptoms were reflective of everyone’s experience after contracting it.