The injury gods have not been kind to the Tigers this spring, with their biggest loss being starting shortstop Jose Iglesias. He will miss the entire 2014 season due to stress fractures in both legs. Yuck. The club acquired shortstop Andrew Romine from the Angels in a minor trade earlier this week, and he is expected to split time at the position with Hernan Perez and Danny Worth. Signing Stephen Drew is still a possibility, but it appears to be a long shot right now. The Tigers understandably explored many options before landing Romine. One of those options, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, was their first base coach, 46-year-old Omar Vizquel. Manager Brad Ausmus admitted the team talked about Vizquel making a comeback. "We talked about it." ... "(He) could probably handle it. I don't know if he could play 150 games. But he could probably be a platoon shortstop if he got himself in shape. He certainly still has the hands." " Stark says the team was joking about a Vizquel comeback more than seriously considering it, with Ausmus saying it was a "Plan B" while laughing.