David Ausberry is establishing himself as the starting tight end for the Raiders. He showed himself to be on the verge of breaking out last off-season before disappearing last season. Aside from one very memorable play (sorry Kevin Burnett) he barely saw the field. Ausberry took a backseat to fourth year tight end Brandon Myers. But as a second tight end in an offense which focused on tight ends as much as the Raiders did one would expect more than his 7 catches for 92 yards. According to Dennis Allen Ausberry's issues stem from the mental side of things. "The concern with David Ausberry has nothing to do with physical ability" said Dennis Allen. "It's really a lot more about the mental aspect of the game understanding how to play the tight end position. He's worked extremely hard. We always knew that he had receiving talent. Where he's improved the most is No. 1 assignments he's been a lot better on his assignments. And No. 2 is his ability to block both in the running game and pass protection."