The Dodgers and Brewers made acquisitions this past week, adding outfielder Curtis Granderson and second baseman Neil Walker, respectively. For those contending clubs, the waiver deals should bolster their lineups. The Diamondbacks, however, do not seem likely to make a similar acquisition, General Manager Mike Hazen said. “We’re still watching the waiver market through the month of August,” he said, “but I’m not anticipating that there’s going to be major changes outside of what’s in this organization.” He noted that an injury could always change things, but he said he likes the team as constructed, saying he continues to believe in them despite recent results. “I think that there’s that general feeling within the clubhouse that we need to play more consistently from a win-loss standpoint,” Hazen said. “It’s not effort at all. It’s stringing things together a little bit better. “The offense, we need to continue to find ways to grind out our at-bats and put some more runs on the board. We’ve had opportunities to do so. Again, part of that is the ebb and flow of the season, and so the reaction to it is to let it sort itself out. But, obviously, we’re addressing things in and around, how can we get better, how can we continue to improve.”