All Auburn needs is one good football coach with a sizable ego.

One coach who sees Auburn as a snoozing giant ready to ascend under his leadership, especially now that neighborhood bully Nick Saban is approaching retirement.

One coach who sees the potential for Auburn’s reputation for meddlesome boosters to be recrafted as rabid moneymen willing to spend whatever it takes to buy – er, build, excuse me – a championship program.

One coach who sees Auburn for what it is – the best job on the market.

One coach like Brian Kelly who wants to prove he can beat Saban, rather than hide from him.

Saban’s Alabama dynasty is dead, haven’t you heard?

Personally, I’d hold off on ordering the headstone. If Saban, 71, coaches another five seasons, put me down for Alabama winning at least one more national championship and being in playoff contention every season.